How To Become A More Productive Freelance Designer

Being a freelance designer is not an easy job. I'm sure you know that if you clicked on this post. You want to be successful, you want to have clients, you want to make an impact in your area, but you feel like you're a bit lost. No one is emailing you. No one is visiting your site. Maybe you haven't even landed your first customer. That's ok! We all feel like we're stuck in a slump sometimes. The trick is to not stay there.

1. Evaluate your business plan

When you're at a slow point in business, that's good time to take a look at what you're doing. Figure out what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong. Are you advertising? Are you networking? How are you searching for leads? After you've taken a look at what you are doing and not doing, devise a plan. Maybe start setting up some Facebook ads, set aside a time to cold email once a week, or plan to update your passive income once a month.

2. Generate Passive Income

I'll be doing a post on this in depth later, but this is something you should look into as a designer. You probably wont make a ton of money on this, but it's always there as a pick me up. Plus it's fun! I chose to open an Etsy store. I've had a lot of fun creating and sharing my designs through my Etsy Store.

3. Research Your Community

Get to know who is in your community! You can better serve the people around you when you know about them! I've done this by typing in my city and looking at a map. This shows what's around me. I've also researched small business pages, gone to small farmers markets, and connect with people on social media.

4. Lead Sites

I'll be making a post about my experience on a lead site at a later date. These sites can help you find work. The work might not be in your normal price range, but if you're at a slow point it can help generate some business.

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