Tips For Providing Your Designer With Helpful Feedback

Starting a new design project can be a fun yet confusing process. Where do I start, how do I start, what do I need to know and so on. Typically, the designer will get he ball rolling. Depending on your project, your designer will need to know (a) your brand (b) what you are trying to achieve and (c) your deadline. Along the way you are going to receive drafts and your designer will make revisions. Here are some helpful tips for giving your designer feedback.

Be Honest

It is always best to be 100% honest with your designer. If you aren't upfront about the work, you will not get the design you are looking for in the end and the design process is going to take much longer. Your designer should not get frustrated with you. If they do, it might be the time to find someone new. Art and design, for the most part, is subjective. If you want a particular style, color, or detail then your designer should be able to work with you to make the design yours.

Be Specific

The best way to keep the ball rolling with your project is to be specific and clear about your changes that you need made. Here are some examples:

Poor Feedback: "I don't like that shade of purple."

Good Feedback: "That shade of purple isn't working. Can we try something lighter, like a periwinkle or a lavender?"

Poor Feedback: "That type isn't fitting for the event."

Good Feedback: "That type isn't fitting for the event. Since this is for children, can we try something a bit more child-like?"

Poor Feedback: "Can we change that photograph."

Good Feedback: "Can we change the photograph at the top? I would prefer a black and white photo. Here is an example of what I'm thinking."

Be Thoughtful

Your designer is working hard to make your visual idea a realty. Design isn't always easy and it takes time. Providing your designer with enough time and patience during the design process will build a better designer/client relationship and overall design.

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