What Should I Get From A Logo Designer?

1. You Need A Good Designer

Getting a professional logo made is important for any business. There are sites where you can get logos made at little to no charge. You could also go for a pre-made logo off of a site like Etsy. You can even make your own from a "logo making" app or websites. While these are options that you can opt for, they aren't my first recommendation. In fact, I don't recommend them at all. Your brand and business deserves individual attention, a creative and communicative design, and something that will make viewers want to do business with you. At this point, I hope I convinced you to go with a freelance designer or design agency!

2. Sketches, Sketches, & More Sketches

Whenever you are working with a design, you should be getting sketches. Whether they are digital copies or ones straight from tracing paper, you need to see the different ideas that your designer has in mind. If your designer is showing you just one of their many ideas (and they ALWAYS have many ideas), then you are losing out on your right to choose what your logo should look like.

3. The Designer Should Offer Revisions

Whether your designer is charging you a one-time fee or charging you by the hour, they should be happy to make revisions for you. Just as much as you want a good logo, they should want to help you design something amazing. If your designer is reluctant to make revisions, you might want to find a new designer!

4. The Files You Should Receive

It is important that you know what files you should be receiving. A lot of times, I work with customers who only have a .jpg or a .png. Having these files are ok, but they make future creative projects a bit tough. I can't tell you how many times I've had to redraw customer logos because I needed a vector image! You NEED a vector image. Here are the files you should receive at the very least when working with a professional designer.

  1. .jpg - Joint Photographic Experts Group

  2. .png - Portable Network Graphic

  3. eps - Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator),

  4. svg - Scalable Vector Graphics

5. Color and Black & White

You might come into a situation where you need a color logo as well as a black and white logo. For example, I have an all black logo and I have a yellow logo. The yellow logo comes in handy when I want to use a black background or my logo needs to go on something dark.

Logo design is important for any brand. Make sure you are getting what you need from your designer. Getting what you need now is easier than tracking down a designer later to fix what shouldn't need fixing!


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